Seagull Training Administrator (STA)

The Seagull Training Administrator (STA) delivers all of the administration functions relating to Personnel Evaluation, Training and Career Planning for your Officers and Crew. It specifies a training profile for every crew position that includes the positions training frequency and minimum pass scores. STA is customised to your requirements to include your company’s personnel and ship’s data.

Training records

  • Training records are automatically stored in the Training Administrator.You can print training reports and records directly from STA.
  • In addition a more comprehensive reports and training results are available online at Seagull Maritimes customer login section on the Seagull Training Administrator online (STA Online). 

Key Features

  • Personnel administration information is available
  • Training records are available
  • Training status is available
  • All CBT modules are available
  • Company specific CBT modules 


  • Easy to use from a pre-configured PC
  • No need for any additional software Unlimited access for training administration
  • All CBT modules are available for unlimited use 
  • Low annual cost

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Seagull offices:


Seagull Maritime AS 

Gamleveien 36

P.O. Box 1062

N-3194 Horten, Norway

Tel: +47 33 03 0910

Seagull AS is certified in accordance with DNV Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Provider (3.403).